we don't need to change how we do conservation, we need to change why we do it

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Two Buddhas Dance, Part-2: “Foresight”, Really?

A very short selection from Essay Twenty-Two in Darwin, Dogen, and the Extremophile Choice. He moved very, very slowly and carefully. With the most slight and gentle movements, trying to catch at the sound he moved his head round what seemed like a billionth part of a billionth part of a degree, slipped behind a …

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Old Buddha Speaks, Part-1: Sexual Traits are “Words”

A short selection from Essay Thirteen in Darwin, Dogen, and the Extremophile Choice.  … the result is not death to the unsuccessful competitor, but few or no offspring. Sexual selection is, therefore, less rigorous than natural selection. —Charles Darwin [1] In evolutionary terms, competitive exclusion implies not only that an organism’s immediate prospects must decline …

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The Journey (to Find a Pathway to Global Climate and Conservation Responsibility) Step 5 of 8 – Humans and Nature, and The Watcher

Thur. Aug. 9/07    When You’re Not Lost To tell your own story As if it’s real Is to be lost. This is allowed When you and your audience Both know when you’re lost As well as you know when you’re not.   Only stories can have such endings.   Not knowing. I have argued this …

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