we don't need to change how we do conservation, we need to change why we do it

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Old Buddha Meets Young Buddha, Part-3: When we See the Difference, our World Changes

The Whole of Essay Nineteen in Darwin, Dogen, and the Extremophile Choice.  It is vain to do with more what can be done with fewer. —William of Ockham [1] The flexible behaviour of higher animals can’t be trusted to maintain resource partitions; only innate structure can. Thus ecological stability requires not only that inapposite curiosity …

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Old Buddha Speaks, Part-2: Sexual Traits Guide Reproduction of Species just as Words Guide Reproduction of Ideas

A short selection from Essay Fifteen in Darwin, Dogen, and the Extremophile Choice.  A bird might marry a fish, but where would they live? —Tevye character, in Fiddler on the Roof For the need of a niche, or for the good of a ‘race’, sexual traits intensify the cut of new species, just as they …

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The Great God Pan, Intelligent Designer? Part-2: But, how can Evolving Ecosystems be Conscious?

A short selection from Essay Seven in Darwin, Dogen, and the Extremophile Choice.  Personally, I (as a thinking mind) prefer the reflecting pool simile given in Two Buddhas, Part-5 over the other more discrete conceptions of consciousness listed there; for if similes, metaphors, and analogies are also incomplete, they are honestly so. Certainly this one …

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