we don't need to change how we do conservation, we need to change why we do it

Ken Christenson

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Maybe McLuhan had it right

This is from the Extremophile Niche Design page: Given the consistent range of human nature persisting throughout history, it seems unlikely that promoting a wide-spread love of Nature as a prerequisite for saving the Natural world will be enough to get the job done. The good news is that this might not be necessary, for …

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of Whippoorwills and Wolves, a Music Inviolate

Jennifer Jacquet: Survivor guilt may also exist at a species level. That humans have helped bring on other species’ end times is not an easy feeling to deal with. Small farms on the tattered edges of second- or third-growth forest, where the whippoorwill’s vesper song can still be heard occasionally, are merging into horizon to …

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Beethoven’s Fire

This is the frontispiece from my new book (pdf and epub versions for sale on the Extremophile Publishing page; Kindle version available on Amazon), Darwin, Dogen, and the Extremophile Choice: If, in understandable frustration over the effort involved, you were to ask me why I think it’s important to learn about something as intuitive as …

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