we don't need to change how we do conservation, we need to change why we do it

Terry and I Discuss Rewilding for a small (500 acre) property bordered on three sides by crown land

The end of this clip has been cut off (Camera timed out). But you can assume that, following the very last comment, “SO MY ONLY PROPOSAL IS THAT WE LIMIT THOSE THINGS [referring to humanized ecosystems]” I finished the sentence by saying: “AT EVERY OPPORTUNITY AND AS FAR AS PRESENT TECHNOLOGIES ALLOW”. Or you can see ‘ABOUT / the Extremophile Choice’ in the pages bar for a fuller statement. Also, the “Miner’s rapid” Terry refers to in the video is the one shown in the featured image. It was modified in the past to allow for logging operations, but this also interfered with the yearly pickerel (walleye) run. Over the last two years, Terry and a team of scientists (with very little help from me) have tried to compensate for the damage done.

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