we don't need to change how we do conservation, we need to change why we do it


Good morning fellow conservationists, climate activists and rewilders!

Well, I think I’ve shot my last bolt for now from the extremophilechoice.com website. There’s nothing new I can feed into our shared new(s)-hungry cyberspace, so I invite you to look over any previous post that interests you, and to engage with me in its comment section if it brings up questions new to you. I would especially like to hear your reactions to the eight ‘Journey’ posts, which pretty much sum up everything I wanted to say. Navigate 1 through 8 with the above links, or click HOME/Blog on page banner.

I have other chores on my honey-do list to attend to. Renovating our new home—built in 1880—will have to be my priority for a while, but I’m always ready to hear and respond to the honest concerns of Conservation and Climate Activists.

Bye for now,

Ken Christenson

P.S. That’s me, standing in front of our constituency office in 2019, behind the Yellow sign; and my better half, Judy, is holding the fiery globe. Our wizened but fearless leader, Frank Thompson, is hiding between the white blouse (Merry) and the pink blouse (Julia). Another Ken—an old friend whom I strong-armed into standing with us—is on my left; Laura is between Judy and Ken; and the last three from the far left of the picture are Pam and . . . two people I don’t know but whom she probably strong-armed also?

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