we don't need to change how we do conservation, we need to change why we do it

Climate Action Parry Sound

We are taught to think of humans first. When we look at this photo we see a human tragedy unfolding due to a ‘climate emergency’ that threatens ‘the world as we know it’. In this New Year, the first of a decade during which the science tells us we have a last chance to mitigate ecological collapse, let us all remember that the Natural World, which has no lifeboat, is the ULTIMATE VICTIM here. Our generation will regenerate itself, but only to its unending shame IF WE ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ASSURING THE MASS EXTINCTION OF SPECIES THAT EVOLVED ON THIS EARTH LONG BEFORE HUMAN CIVILIZATION! What will we tell the grandchildren? Start this 2020s ‘decade of reclaiming the future’ by joining a Climate Action group near you on Friday.

And here’s a thought to bring to your group: If we transform ourselves ONLY when we think of others, how can humans, as a ‘species’, be expected to transform our embedded and destructive habits without shifting our focus onto other species? I have come to believe that understanding our relationship to, and responsibility to, living Nature is the only way forward for climate action. We are seeing now where our species-selfishness alone gets us.

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