we don't need to change how we do conservation, we need to change why we do it

Darwin, Dogen, and the Extremophile Choice: Fifty Short Essays on What it Means to be Human in the Natural World

A new and rigorous philosophy that presents species conservation, and ultimately the rewilding of our planet, as a natural human destiny. For pdf (free), epub ($5), or trade paperback ($25.34 or apply for a free promotional copy),  visit: http://www.extremophilechoice.com/extremophile-publishing/  [‘Publishing’ page]. You can also purchase Kindle version on Amazon.

“This remarkable book combines Darwin, ecology, and meditation research in original ways. There is real understanding of the sciences here, as well as a vipassana practitioner’s personal phenomenology. But there’s nothing New Age about it. It is thoroughly researched. It is extremely well written, with thoughtful insights into the societal and personal choices human beings must face under the onslaught of ecological degradation.”

[Review by James H. Bunn, Professor Emeritus of English Literature at the University of Buffalo, and former member of the Center for Cognitive Science there. He is author of Balancing the Common Core Curriculum in Middle School Education, 2017, and The Natural Law of Cycles Governing the Mobile Symmetries of Animals and Machines, 2014]